Cold Welding Compounds

Product Features Applications
Instant Setting Putty Drying time = 5 min 100%
curing time = 20 min
For use on oily surfaces
Emergency repair of leakage in Fuel & Hydraulic tank, pipelinesTransformers, Storage tanks
Steel Filled Putty Drying time = 30 min 100%
curing time = 4 hrs
Can be machined
Reinforcement of Instant setting putty, Rebuilding of machine element exposed to low & medium load, pipe fittings
Aluminum putty Drying time = For HVAC.
Fast drying time.
Setting time = 4 hrs
Airconditioners & a/c. plants pipes to arrest gas leak
Titanium putty For bearing housing, key-ways, hydraulic arms, engine block having extreme compressive strength  
Ceramic hard coat Comes in 3 colours. For creating hard coating of any surface mainly in pumps handling slurry and abrasive materials and likely to encounter abrasive wear. Also used for high voltage (EHT) insulators repairs.  
Wear resistant putty Wherever there is mechanical wear, this is used for hard facing  
Floor repair compound Shop floor repair in industries  
Wet surface putty Swimming pools & underwater pipelines