Equipment Condition Monitoring

Oil Analysis

Advancement of Oil Analysis programs is best explained when compared to the human body. Conducting used oil analysis of failed equipment is similar to post-mortem. An early detection could have prevented the catastrophic failure. A better way of doing this was subsequently adopted for fault finding to extending drain intervals and taking corrective action – an action that can be compared to a by-pass surgery done to ensure survival. However, a by-pass surgery does not necessarily exclude chances of re-occurance of the problem unless various factors contributing to the same are taken care of some of them being lifestyle, diet & optimum physical activity. Moreover in the first place a proactive approach could have avoided the repair (surgery) which involves cost of material, labour & downtime.

Modern day Oil analysis is no longer “an activity” but a comprehensive program involving control and modification of a large number of factors and aims at complete removal of root cause of problems rather than addressing the same upon occurance or early detection.

What we offer

Complete survey & study of operations, Selection of equipment to be monitored based on asset value, cost of downtime, cost of repairs, cost of secondary damages, safety risks in case of failure

Why should a customer go for oil analysis

1. Reduction of repair cost
2. Reduction of downtime cost
3. Extension of machine life & reliability
4. Optimal utilisation of lubricant life
5. Reduction of energy consumption (fuel & electricity)
6. Choice of lubricants
7. Justifications for warranty claims
8. Determining actual vs. projected performance of equipment
9. Determining actual vs. projected performance of lubricants

What extra do we offer

  • Proper interpretation of test results
  • Correct recommendations and sound technical advice
  • Follow-up with maintenance staff for implementations
  • Providing maintenance related technical updates
  • Analytical Diagnostics

    Other than equipment intended for imparting vibration like vibrating screens, compactory vibrators & agitators, a healthy machine should not have vibration exceeding the limits for its machine class. Vibration analysis helps identify problems like alignment, balancing, overloading, improper lubrication, etc. Combined with thermal mapping our package is a complete diagnostic tool for both mechanical and electrical anomalies in equipment